Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bird on a wire and some peony's.

This Young starling was sitting on my 400 VAC tree phase line. Vaiting for the mom to come with some food.

Once again this is a Picture from my new Nikon Lens 70-300 mm zoom. And the VR (vibration reduction) really works.

My big bush of peony's is almost done for this season. But it still is blazing with colours as you can see on this Picture.

And I was comfirmed in V6J log so I have ordered the QSL via Pay-Pal. Nice! He was on a very rare IOTA. OC-226 Mowkil Isl. But he was not easy to check in Club Log. You have to serch for V6J_OC226. And he will show up if you are in the log.

Well, take care and CUL

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