Thursday, 9 June 2016

YES! I've got some QSL's!!

I've got two QSL's today. First out is EP2A, Iran. I only needed 160 and 80 m to fill my score for Challenge Award. And this was an easy task. So 160 and 80 is confirmed and all is fine.

And here are proof of a nice QSL. Thanks to all operators for some fun time at the radio.

Next out is a very rare DX. Heard Island and here I had just one QSO before and that was with VK0CW DXpedition from 1983. So here I was in need of many QSO's and SSB and RTTY as well. And this turned out to be a relative easy task (!!!). I worked them 11 times and got it all!!! From 160 to 10 m except 20 m all on CW. SSB was on 20 m and RTTY was 15 m. So I don't need Heard any more (sad to say). And I guess this is due to the very skilled operators in the team.

Nice QSL. Wonder what the Penguin's are thinking?! In which direction is the food?? Or, how do we get home???

There have been quite a few memorial DXpeditions this spring. What about K5P Palmyra, VP8 from South Sandwich and South Georgia, FT4JA Juan de Nova (no QSL yet) and EP2A and VK0EK just to mention a few. So there have been some nice times spent at the radio.

Well, that's all for now. CUL

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