Thursday, 23 June 2016

Low Activity and soon Midsummer!

Tomorrow it is midsummer celebration here in Sweden. During this coming weekend about 90 % of the population is drunk!! Have been low activity on my blog. Worked a few new ones on 50 MHz. But most of the time the activity is South of me.
Belgum beat us out of the UEFA Europe Soccer Championship. And Marcus Ericsson in Sauber F1 Team is not doing so well. So there is not much to be happy about.
But the flowers in my garden is doing just fine. What about this big red one? It is a peony. Very nice indeed!

We have passed the summer solstice. So from now on the Days will be shorter and we are going in to the dark times!!!??? Well, not so bad as the low band will be opening again and my stack of firewood is full so I can keep me warm during this dark time.
Sounds depressing, isn't it!!. Well, it is not! This is the cyckle of Life here at 60 Deg North.

Take care and CUL

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