Friday, 25 March 2011

Been off line fore some days.

At aprox 1100 on the 21th of March I was hit by a massive infarct of the heart. I was more or less gone. Managed to open my mobile and I diled the last number I had used. It was to my friend SM5AQD, Hawk.
Told him that I had a heart fialure and asked him to call an ambulance.
The SOS alarm service called me back and talked to me and said that help was on the way. To my big suprice, within 5 minutes a Eurocopter AS 365N3 landed in my back yard and a nurse and doctor was at my side starting first aid. Then another friend showed up. SA5BJM, Johan. And the next minute an ambulance was also in my yard! I had 7 people around me! I might wonder what strings Hawk and Johan had to pull to get this action. But now I was under professional care. Then I where carried to the helicopter and off to one of the best hospitals in Sweden. Uppsala Akademiska. Landed within 8 to 10 minutes after tkof. I was rushed in to surgery and a clot in the front of my heart at one of the coronary artery was removed and also a stent was inserted to ensure full flow of blood. And in a minute all my pain was gone!!!!

I'm back home with lots of pills and restictions on me. But I'm in big big dept to Hawk and Johan as their actions probably saved my life.

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