Wednesday, 16 March 2011

4A4A story!!

Managed to chatch him this morning on 30 m CW. So now I have XF4 on 4 bands. I was trying this morning on 80 m but the QRM from frendly (!) EU hams was enormous. Almost impossible to hear 4A4A. I QSY to 30 and he is in the log on that band (I hope). Have to wait until the on-line log will be updated.

One thing I don't understand is the hams that are constantly QRM:ing on all DX frequeny's. Why???? Can't they make the QSO with the DX themself and therefor they have to make QRM so no one else will have the QSO??!! This is a major problem today on our bands today.

Received my IOTA award this morning. So I will hang it on the wall together with all the other diplomas I have!?

All for now.

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