Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Worked a few new IOTA's

This week I have worked a few new IOTA's.
It was CV5A from SA-030, Flores Isl. R71RRC from rare AS-071, Arakamchechen Isl (wonder how that is pronounced). And for just a few minutes ago I worked J5W from AF-020, Rubane Isl.

So 3 new Islands is not so bad for moi!! I will order the QSL's as soon as OQRS is open. CV5A is on order already.
Borrowed this logo from

WX here in Sweden is Cold for the time. Temp outside is around freezing and it is to Cold to take my motorbike for a ride. But hopefully it will get warmer soon.

Back to radio!  CUL

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