Wednesday, 1 February 2017


YES! Today I received the QSL from AS-088. Al-Safliyah Island. Again the manager M0OXO show how it is done!!!

Anyway the QSL is in my update for next year.

Looks like a nice Place!!??

I have been trying to get a QSO with Craig, VK5CE/3 from OC-196. But so far no success. This is his last day of operation and the sun has had some type of light cerebral hemorrhage. K-Index is high and I don't hear a single "pip" from him. But there are a few SM that has worked him. Good luck to you all!! I have listening from 40 m and 20 m where he has been spotted. Nothing!!! I have been out to check that all my antennas are where they should be. And they are. So I have to blame the propagation for this. At present I'm listening on 7,171 MHz. But I hear just noise. I Think I have to declare a miss on OC-196.

Take care! CUL

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