Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Missed Award!!

OPS! I missed this Award from Miller-DX-Club. If I had been a little more attentive I should have ordered this funny and interesting Award earlier. And also achieved a lower number. 1798 is not so good but what the h..k!

Here you can see Santa's progress over Russia on X-Mas. Some one out there might calculate the speed he had to travel to keep the Schedule. Must have been breathtaking!

Well this end's the R?17NY reporting. Thanks to Miller-DX-Club for the initiative. This has been a lot of fun. See you all next X-Mas!

I have ordered QSL via OQRS for the following IOTA operations. A70X from AS-088 and DV1UD/P from OC-126. But I guess that they wont show up before the deadline for IOTA update at 31-Jan-2017. Both of these are ordered via M0OXO OQRS site.

Take care all you readers. CUL

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