Monday, 5 September 2016

DX Meeting in Jönköping.

The first DX-Match DX meeting happened this weekend in the city of Jönköping. Lots of interesting talks. What about the following:
DF6JC talked about ooperation from Lord Howe, VK9DLX. LA7GIA about his operations from Africa as 3C7A, D67GIA and an upcoming to TL8AO. DL6KVA talked about the fantastic operations from VP8STI and VP8SGI. He also talked about his adventure in Russia working very rare RDA's. LB2TB talked about VK9CK Cocos (Keeling). SM6CPY talked about his adventures in Africa as 9X0PY and 5H3CJ. And K9CT held 3 interesting talk's about Navassa K1N and Palmyra K5P and his fantastic Contest station he has in the US.

Here is a Picture when Craig held one of his talk's. Quality of Picture is not so good as it was from my I-phone. There was about 90 hams listening to the interesting talk's. Next DX-Meeting will be held same time in two years from now.

So there have been no radio this weekend but now I'm home and today I will perform some maintenance on my RX Antenna K9AY to prepare it for the dark season??!!

So, Take care and CUL

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