Friday, 26 August 2016

Low activity. But chasing CY9C.

I have been chasing CY9C. Wanted on 160, 80 and RTTY. The sun has been a bit active so no low band QSO so far. RTTY is a different story. I can only run about 600 W to my Australian TE56 antenna. If I run more Power I will melt the traps. And it is hard to get through the wall from Southern EU as well as US East Cost. Not easy from Northern EU with low Power. But yesterday I called about 2,5 Hrs on 20 m. No QSO!! Than for some reason He QSY:ed to 17 m and I could not hear him on 17 m. Well, I will try again today!!

Got a new (for moi) I-Phone. It is an 5S. And I'm very satisfied with it. I just updated the IOS to 9.3.5. And I tested the camera and you can see the Picture below.

Picture show my tool shed. Colour looks OK.

Back to radio!! CUL

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