Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Today I received a new IOTA. Actually it was also a new DXCC but it was confirmed via LoTW a while ago. But for IOTA I need the card. It was from American Samoa, Tutuilla Island OC-045. Call they used was W8A.

My IOTA scores improved again with one Point!!

I have also looked at the possibility to achieve Honor Roll for DXCC. I have come to the conclusion that I will not be ale to get there. Today I have 314 confirmed. So I have 26 to go to 340 and 17 to achieve the limit for Honor Roll today. And that is 331. When I look at the remaining 26 I understand there will be some problem. As to mention the following where there are no planned operation in the near future as BS7H, 3Y/P, KP5, E3, CE0X, KH5K ( more or less under water), YK (war zone), VP8/G, VP8/S, P5, and a few more. 3Y/B might be on the air in some future. I'm hoping to get QSO with FR/T, FT5W, FT5X, KH1, KH3, KH5 and KH7K and a few more.
But I Think the Honor Roll will be a hard nut to crack!! Who has the Money and other resources to go to these remote places and give me a QSO!!?? So I believe it when I see it.
Good Luck to all of you out there that have all these rare DXCC entries that you worked when I was around the World fixing broken air planes for my Company and making money for the tax authorities!


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